Actress Sam Sorbo: “More People VOTED AGAINST HILLARY Than Voted For Her” (VIDEO)

Actress Sam Sorbo appeared on the Stuart Varney show this week and made an interesting point about the election. Liberals keep screeching that Hillary won the popular vote but if you count all the other votes together, more people voted against Hillary.

As the segment opens, Sorbo makes a few points about Donald Trump and political correctness but towards the end she brings up the point about the vote.

“I just want to point out that you know how Hillary, they’re challenging the election and they’re saying all these things about how Hillary won the popular vote. More people voted against Hillary than voted for her. More people voted against her. You tally all the votes that were not Hillary, the majority of the country is against Hillary. And more people should be saying that out loud.”

Watch the video:

People in our dishonest media would never say that.

They can’t even accept the fact that Hillary lost!

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