After Town Sued For Christmas Tree Display, RESIDENTS FIGHT BACK With This (VIDEO)

Yesterday, we reported the ACLU was suing an Indiana town because the Christmas display caused ‘irreparable harm.’

It’s outrageous!

Today, we’re happy to report that the residents of that Indiana town are fighting back!

And they’re fighting back in a very American way. 

Fox & Friends reports:

They’re handing out crosses!

From the video:

“A cross on top of one town’s Christmas tree no more. Officials in Knightstown, Indiana taking it down after one complaint that was sparked by a lawsuit by the ACLU. A man claimed that cross violated the First Amendment and caused him ‘irreparable harm.’ The town council says it could not win the court case. Outraged residents are now handing out wooden crosses and placing them all over town.

The ACLU is starting another War on Christmas.

But the residents in this Indiana town are fighting back!

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