Aide To Democrat AG To Serve Jail Time For Contempt

Pennsylvania seems to be draining its own swamp. Every few months it seems like we’re hearing of another Democrat from Pennsylvania is being busted for corruption of some sort.

Patrick Reese was an aide to the now convicted state attorney general. And now he’s going to jail too.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

Aide to ex-AG Kane to begin serving jail time for contempt

A former police chief convicted of illegally accessing emails for information about a grand jury investigation of his then-boss, former state Attorney General Kathleen Kane, is on his way to jail.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to hear the appeal of Patrick “Rocco” Reese, who has been convicted of indirect criminal contempt.

Reese’s lawyer, Bill Fetterhoff, said he was disappointed in the decision, arguing Reese was not properly informed of the protective order he was convicted of violating. Fetterhoff said Reese does not plan to pursue further appeals.

Reese is scheduled to report to jail Nov. 13 to start serving a three- to six-month sentence.

Kane, a Democrat, was convicted last year of leaking secret grand jury information to smear a rival and then lying about it under oath.

The people of Pennsylvania should be careful when replacing these folks!


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