Amen! Black Democrat Calls On Hillary To “STEP FORWARD” TO STOP PROTESTS (VIDEO)

Black Democrat Brunell Donald-Kyei was a Democrat Lieutenant Governor candidate in Illinois. Then, she was a Bernie supporter. After Bernie left the race, she joined the Trump team. Brunell became the Vice-Chair Of Diversity Outreach for the National Diversity Coalition for Donald Trump.

In response to the post-election protests, Brunell had a message for Hillary. 


From the video:

“I thought that also, Secretary Clinton should step forward and she should calm the fears and the hurt of the people that voted for her. Just like I thought she should have come out the night that she conceded. To come out and address them. I think that will smooth out a lot with them, as well as our President. Maybe together the both of them addressing the nation.”

She’s right!

Where is Hillary? The riots are happening in her name. Why doesn’t she step forward and put a stop to it? 

And where is Obama? Why isn’t he stepping forward to stop the riots?

If we had an honest media, they would be asking Hillary and Obama about this everyday.

But they’re not. Because the media, Hillary, Obama, and the rioters are all on the same side.


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