VICTORY: PayPal Forced To Reinstate Conservative Sites After Public Outrage

Liberals lost an important battle against Conservatives after PayPal tried to appease George Soros-funded groups by banning Conservative websites from using their platform.

Paypal backed down after Conservatives stood up and got their message trending on Twitter.

Breitbart reported:

“PayPal reinstated the accounts of both Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch and Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative following outrage from supporters over their suspensions.

On Tuesday, it was announced by Jihad Watch that their account had been reinstated by PayPal.

Pamela Geller wrote on her website, ‘Paypal has restored AFDI’s account. Thank YOU for calling and writing. YOU made the difference. YOU made it happen. These leftists must be exposed and held accountable. Thousands of retweets, I don’t know how many phone calls and emails – but an hour after I posted the suspension, they reversed themselves. Excelsior!’ . . . As it stands, both Jihad Watch and the AFDI have had their accounts reinstated and are accepting donations.”

The outrage was so severe that the hashtag #BoycottPayPal was one of the top trends in Twitter’s ‘trending now’ section.

Another victory by Conservatives against online bullying!

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