HAPPY DEPLORABLE! Black Trump Supporter Explains Why She’s Still Excited (VIDEO)


Brunell Donald is an Illinois Democrat who was an early supporter of Donald Trump. She appeared on the Stuart Varney show today and offered her post election thoughts.

Donald said:

“He’s doing everything that he said he would do. He’s going to help Americans, he’s going to make sure that we’re taken care of, that we’re protected. He’s going to make sure that our federal laws are enforced. What I will say is this, I am happily a deplorable. Happy Trump supporter, Trump motivator.”

Varney asked her what life has been like for her since the election. She responded:

“A lot of people have come to me, black, white Hispanic, Arab, conservative, Democrat, Republican and told me that I was the reason why they voted for our President Elect right here in Illinois. That’s like… you don’t vote for a Republican in Illinois if you’re a Democrat. So many people have said: You know what? I’m so glad that you spoke up for him.”

There’s more. Watch the whole thing below:

Way to go, Brunell! You are awesome!

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