AWESOME: Trump Awarding His First Medal Of Honor To Vietnam War Hero

The President will present his first Medal of Honor to a veteran of the Vietnam War named James C. McCloughan.

President Trump loves our veterans, so you know he must be looking forward to this.

USA Today reports:

Trump to award his first Medal of Honor to Vietnam hero

President Trump will confer his first Medal of Honor on a Vietnam combat veteran who risked his life on nine separate occasions to rescue wounded comrades, the White House said Tuesday.

Former Specialist Five James C. McCloughan exhibited conspicuous gallantry during 48 hours of close-quarter combat near Don Que, Vietnam, on May 13-15, 1969.

McCloughan, then a 23-year-old medic, “suffered wounds from shrapnel and small arms fire on three separate occasions, but refused medical evacuation to stay with his unit, and continued to brave enemy fire to rescue, treat, and defend wounded Americans,” the White House said in a statement.

Trump will present the Medal of Honor to McCloughan on July 31.

Now a retired coach and teacher, McCloughan told WOOD-TV of Grand Rapids, Mich., last year that he refused to leave the battle when wounded because the only other medic there had been killed.

“I knew that they were going to need me,” he said. “I wasn’t going to leave my men. Nope. I thought that would be my last day on Earth, though.”

What a great honor for a great man!


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