AWFUL: Disney World IT Workers Were Forced To Train THEIR FOREIGN REPLACEMENTS

Can you imagine a bigger insult than being told not only are you losing your job but we want you to train your replacement as well? That’s what happened to some IT workers at Disney in Florida.

CBS News Miami reported:

Former Disney IT Workers Claim Discrimination In Lawsuit

A group of information technology workers laid off by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts claims they were victims of discrimination.

They say they were forced to train their replacements from India before getting fired.

On Monday, the 30 former IT workers filed a suit against the company in an Orlando federal court. They’re seeking punitive damages.

The lawsuit contends that 250 IT workers in Florida were told they would need to train their replacements before they were fired at the end of 2014. Each replacement worker was of Indian origin, and was either brought from overseas or working outside the United States, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit also alleges violations of the Older Worker Benefit Protection Act, which protects workers from age discrimination.

Disney managers were “being curt and unprofessional toward plaintiffs but treating the foreign replacements with special treatment,” the lawsuit said. “Plaintiffs were subjected to disparate treatment by defendant solely based on race or color and ancestry.”

That’s horrible.

This shouldn’t be happening in America.


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