AWKWARD: Florida Woman Mistakes Tim Kaine For Mike Pence (VIDEO)


Trump’s running mate Mike Pence apparently has more name recognition than Hillary’s running mate Tim Kaine. A woman at a Florida restaurant recently mistook Kaine for Pence.

The FOX News Insider reports:

‘I’m the Other One’: Woman Mistakes Tim Kaine for Mike Pence

While on the campaign trail in Florida over the weekend, Democratic VP nominee Tim Kaine experienced an embarrassing case of mistaken identity.

The Virginia senator dropped by Jay’s Gourmet Deli in Plantation on Sunday to stump for Hillary Clinton.

As he introduced himself to a table of diners, a woman said, “Oh hello, Mr. Pence. How are you?”

Kaine had to explain he was the other VP nominee.

“I’m the other one. I’m Kaine, not Pence,” he told the diner.

Watch the video:


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