Beautiful! Pence Tells Media Why He’s On Capitol Hill: “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” (VIDEO)

Good for him!

Today, Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence visited Capitol Hill. He’s there to meet with the Republican House. And the Republican Senate. He’s there to push the Trump agenda forward. 

The press was there. They pestered Pence with questions.

Pence said why he was there: “Make America Great Again!”

He said it twice in one minute!

Watch (Via Fox Business):

From the video:

Mike Pence: “It’s very humbling to be back among my former colleagues who are excited about moving the Trump agenda forward in the coming Congress. And I’m just so grateful for the warm hospitality and all of their determination to work with our incoming Administration to Make America Great Again . . .

I see the enthusiasm for the President-elect’s agenda for this country. We’re very confident as we move toward Inauguration we’re going to bring together a great team, work in concert with leaders in the House and Senate. We’re going to move an agenda that’s: Rebuild our military, revive our economy. In a word: Make America Great Again!

He’s staying on message!

That’s why the American people elected Trump: Make America Great Again!

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