Bernie Sanders: The Current Model Of The Democratic Party Is Not Working (VIDEO)

During an appearance on Meet the Press, Bernie Sanders was pressured by Chuck Todd, who wanted to know if Bernie Sanders is going to register as a Democrat. Sanders used the opportunity to point out that the Democrats are in shambles.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Sanders Won’t Run as a Democrat in 2018: Party Model ‘Obviously Is Not Working’

Todd told Sanders on NBC “Meet the Press” he is in some ways the “most influential member” of the Democratic Party without technically being a member of it. Sanders is currently leading the charge for “Medicare For All” that has rumored 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls jumping onboard.

The filing deadline to register as a Democrat comes three months before having to declare as an Independent in Vermont. The senator was asked what party he plans to register with during his run for reelection 2018.

Sanders said he believed “the current model of the Democratic Party obviously is not working,” saying he will do as he has done in the past and keep his independent status while seeking reelection.

“Well, I will do what I have done in the past. Let me just say something about this. The current model of the Democratic Party obviously is not working,” he said.

Watch the video:

Bernie is right. Democrats might want to take a long look in the mirror.

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