BLACK DEMOCRAT: “Hillary Clinton’s Problem Is That SHE HAS NO CONSCIENCE”



Black Democrat Brunell Donald-Kyei was a Democrat Lieutenant Governor candidate in Illinois. Then, she was a Bernie supporter. Now, she’s telling the world that Donald Trump is the man to be President.

She went on Fox & Friends to say why.


She’s right!

Here’s the transcript:

“See people keep saying, ‘Oh, Donald Trump doesn’t talk right. He doesn’t sound right.’ And what I would say is, ‘See, Donald Trump is not a politician. We can help him in office to be more Presidential. To be more politically correct.’

But see, Hillary Clinton’s problem is that she has no conscience. You can’t teach conscience. When you talk about four Americans dead in Benghazi. When you talk about the federal subpoena where you violated a federal subpoena – obstruction of justice – that’s at least a felony! When you’re talking about how the children of the people of Haiti were mistreated. When you talk about her saying she was under sniper fire in Bosnia and you find out that wasn’t true. And the list goes on and on.

And then you got five of her top officials with immunity deals where the FBI has agreed to destroy evidence – Like I said, ‘You cannot teach conscience.‘”

Wow – That’s from a Democrat!!

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