Diamond and Silk just did their post-election analysis.

They took on the Liberal talk heads. They showed the Liberal sad faces. And they tried to help out the Democrats.

They told Democrats why they lost: Democrats are bullies. 

Americans don’t like bullies!

Watch the whole thing:

From the video:

“You’re trying to figure out why Democrats are not reaching the working white middle class? Why are they losing? You lost because you’re bullies! You are bullies! You bullied them into silence! You bullied them into going the way you wanted them to go.

And guess what? We used to be Democrats. We will never vote that way anymore! No – We’re not voting that way anymore! And those white people that used to be Democrats? That voted for Donald Trump? They’re not voting that way no more!”

A lot of Americans feel the same way!

Democrats have become the party of bullies!

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