BLUE AGAINST BLUE: Liberals Slam Far Left Website For Saying Hillary Should ‘GET OUT OF THE WAY’

The progressive news and opinion site The New Republic recently published an article suggesting that Hillary Clinton should step aside so other Democrats can rise in the party’s political ranks.

They’re probably right about that but leftists on Twitter let them have it for saying something so SEXIST!

From Twitchy:

New Republic spanked for telling Hillary Clinton to quit hogging the fast lane, let new talent get past

The New Republic has dared to ask the question despite the risk of pussy-hatted mobs of #StillWithHer holdouts assembling outside with torches.

Here’s the tweet from The New Republic:

Here are some of the angry responses they got:

Wow. Liberals sure seem angry.

No wonder they;re still protesting Trump. They really haven’t gotten over the loss of the election.

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