BOO-HOO! Sensitive College Snowflake Cries Over Trump Chalking on Campus (VIDEO)


Less than a hundred years ago, 17 to 25 year old Americans saved the world from fascism in World War II. Today, people in that same age group can be traumatized by campus chalk messages that support a Republican. Pathetic.

From Legal Insurrection:

VIDEO: Columbia Student Cries Over Trump Chalking on Campus

We covered the great campus Chalkening back in April.

Now James O’Keefe has used this to make a Columbia student cry.

The Daily Caller reported:

EXCLUSIVE: Ivy League Student Brought To Tears By Trump Chalking [VIDEO]

Conservative activist James O’Keefe visited Columbia University’s campus in late August and brought a student to tears by showing his support for Donald Trump in chalk and cardboard bricks.

“I’m scared that you guys even think this,” a female Columbia student told O’Keefe in a video first obtained by The Daily Caller.

O’Keefe replied, “What do you mean?”

The student got distraught and said, “I don’t want my future to be this!” She later said, “You don’t have to make a wall. You don’t need a man like this!”

Watch the video:

Amazing and sad.

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