BOOM! MSNBC Tries To Stump Rep. King On Immigration, HE DELIVERS EPIC BLOW (VIDEO)

Oh, that’s hilarious!

Today, a MSNBC host tried to stump Rep. Steve King. And he delivered an epic blow!

They were discussing immigration. The MSNBC host used the Liberal talking point of “We’re a nation of immigrants.”

Rep. King answered by saying every country could say that. Every country is a nation of immigrants.

The MSNBC host fired back with a country she thought wasn’t full of immigrants.

And Rep. King delivered the blow!

Watch (segment begins at 4:20):

From the video:

MSNBC Host: “This is a country of immigrants!”

Rep. King: “Well, I just challenge you: Name a country that’s not a country of immigrants. Every nation in the world is a country of immigrants. And these are our values that are here.”

MSNBC Host: “Greece is not a country of immigrants.”

Rep. King: “Well, I was in Greece not that long ago and I asked why when they were digging up the statues that had their hair painted blonde – why I don’t see very many blonde Greeks? And the guide looked at me and said that’s what 400 years of Turkish occupation will do to you. I think they are a country of immigrants. Maybe by conquest. Maybe not by peaceful reasons.”

*Mic drop

MSNBC Host: “All right. Thank you so much for joining me this morning. I appreciate it.”


H/T Daily Caller

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