British Interviewer Can’t Believe Americans Still Love Trump, But We Do (VIDEO)

A reporter for British “Channel 4” recently sat down with some Trump supporters to ask them if they still support Trump, which they do. The reporter focused very heavily on Trump’s recent meeting with Putin and the crazed rhetoric which followed in liberal media.

The Trump supporters brushed off the hysteria, instead focusing on all the good things Trump has done as president. One woman in the video says “It was a one hour meeting. Now what are we hearing? That we’re on the brink of war?”

A man at the table says “We would expect nothing less from the swamp.”

They go on to point out the great news on the economy and jobs, as well as the historically low unemployment rate.

Watch the whole thing below:

Here are a few responses to this:

It’s really not a mystery to people who don’t live in the liberal media bubble.

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