C-SPAN Caller Claims to Know Tim Kaine And Calls Him a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ (VIDEO)

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The hits keep coming to Tim Kaine after his poor debate performance. Still, this one is a dozy that reminds one of a classic political conspiracy movie.

PJ Media reports:

C-SPAN Caller Who Claims to Know Tim Kaine Says He’s ‘Manchurian Candidate’

After the vice-presidential debate last night, a woman called into C-SPAN claiming to know Senator Tim Kaine personally — and she had nothing good to say about him. The caller, “Shirley from Richmond, Virginia,” said she was an undecided voter until she saw Kaine at the debate. And that seemed to trigger some bad memories….

“I am a beginning member of Richmond City Council,” Shirley said. “I know Tim Kaine. Tim Kaine cares only about Tim Kaine.”

She claimed that Kaine had been “trying to become the president” since even before he was on the city council.

“He really doesn’t care about people at all,” the woman charged. “He will do whatever it takes. I’m reminded of the Manchurian Candidate and Mrs. Clinton’s health issues.”

Watch the video:

Very interesting…

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