CBS News Repeatedly Pressures Bernie Sanders To Criticize Trump For Visiting Texas (VIDEO)

This is amazing. The media demonized Bush for acting too slowly after Katrina and now they’re criticizing Trump for acting too quickly after Hurricane Harvey.

Bernie Sanders was on CBS News this morning and the hosts repeatedly tried to get him to say it was too soon for Trump to visit Texas. It was so blatantly political that you could tell Bernie was uncomfortable with it.

From The Hill:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said Tuesday that it may be “too soon” for President Trump to visit Houston, where flood waters are rising after Hurricane Harvey hit the city.

“Too soon for the president to be there? Probably, it is,” Sanders said on CBS’s “This Morning.” “Let’s not get into that. The focus right now has got to be on doing everything we can to address the terrible, terrible pain that is taking place in that city.”

Trump left Washington Tuesday morning for a trip to southern Texas, where he will visit the Corpus Christi area — one of the regions hardest hit by the hurricane. The president will also pay a visit to Austin, the state’s capital.

Watch the video below:

The liberal media doesn’t care about the victims. It seems like all they want to do is advance a political narrative.

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