CNN And MSNBC Skip Story Of Corrupt Democrat Corrine Brown’s Jail Sentence

Florida Democrat Corrine Brown was just sentenced to five years in federal prison for corruption, bribery and tax evasion. Yet you would never know this if you watch CNN or MSNBC. Apparently, this isn’t a big story to them.

The Daily Caller reports:

CNN Blackout On Sentencing Of Fraudulent Democratic Rep

CNN and MSNBC have both refused to give any on-air coverage to former Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown’s sentencing for tax fraud.

Brown, a 12-term representative from Florida, was convicted of 18 crimes ranging from conspiracy to fraud for pocketing hundreds of thousands of dollars that was supposed to go to a children’s charity.

A judge sentenced Brown to five years in federal prison yesterday, but two of the major three cable networks have been mum on the air, according to a search of television database TVEyes.

In addition to zero television coverage, CNN also doesn’t have a single story about Brown’s sentencing on their website.

It must be great to be a Democrat. You can do pretty much anything and the liberal media will ignore it.

Just try for a moment to imagine how different the coverage of Brown would be if she was a Republican who had supported Trump. Do you think the media would be silent? Not a chance.

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