CNN’s Cuomo Already Pestering Bernie To Run Again In 2020 (VIDEO)

We just had a presidential election less than a year ago, but CNN’s Chris Cuomo is thinking about 2020. He had Bernie Sanders on to promote his new propaganda book and started pestering Sanders to run in 2020. Even Bernie got a little annoyed.

The Daily Caller reports:

Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Want To Talk About 2020 [VIDEO]

Sen. Bernie Sanders exploded on CNN’s Chris Cuomo when Cuomo suggested that people want Sanders to run for president in 2020.

“Are you the messenger for this message?” Cuomo asked Sanders about his book on Thursday night.

“The media never ever gives up,” Sanders responded, “and instead of focusing on real issues they keep talking about never-ending campaigns.”

Sanders chided Cuomo for constantly asking him who will run for president in 2020, and Cuomo snapped back, :yeah, because I’ve never liked the answer…it matters who runs.”

“Chris, of course it matters who runs but we don’t need to have never-ending elections. We just had an election six months ago, it never ends,” Sanders yelled.

Watch the video:

It’s amazing. The liberal media hasn’t even accepted the results of the last election and they already want to talk about the next one. Does anyone at CNN even care about the network’s integrity?

It sure doesn’t look that way.

(Image is a screen shot.)

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