CNN’s Jake Tapper Tries To Troll Ivanka Trump Over Syria But Gets Called Out On Twitter

The liberal media treats Chelsea Clinton like royalty but never affords any courtesy to Ivanka Trump.CNN’s Jake Tapper tried to troll Ivanka over the airstrikes on Syria this weekend but he got called out for it.

The Daily Caller reported:

Jake Tapper Goes After Ivanka Over Missile Strikes — Gets Called Out On Twitter

Jake Tapper went after Ivanka Trump on Twitter Friday, and was immediately called out for it.

In the wake of the U.S. military response in Syria, the First Daughter tweeted that “the times we are living in call for difficult decisions.”

Ivanka tweeted this:

Then Jake Tapper started in:

Then he got called out by author Cate Long:


Good for Ms. Long!

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