Comedy Legend Jackie Mason DESTROYS ‘OBNOXIOUS’ CELEBRITIES Fighting Trump (VIDEO)

Comedy legend Jackie Mason has had enough of liberal celebrities trying to undermine the election of Donald Trump.

In the video below, Mason destroys those celebrities He says they’re obnoxious. They’re low-life.

He’s right!

Here’s a description of the clip via Breitbart:

Jackie Mason to ‘Obnoxious, Disgusting’ Trump-Hating Celebs: ‘Get Out You Pig Bastards!’ (Exclusive Video)

Comedy legend Jackie Mason has never been one to shy away from expressing his political opinions.

In this exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Mason takes aim at all the “obnoxious, low-life” Hollywood celebrities who are so blinded by their hatred of Donald Trump — and so spoiled and used to getting their way — that they’ll do anything to stop him, including attempting to overturn the results of the election.

Watch the video (Apologies for Breitbart’s advertisement before the video plays):

Powerful words!

It’s good to know there are some right leaning people in Hollywood.

Is anyone on the left listening?

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