Conservatism Is The New Counterculture: Johnny Rotten Backs President Trump (VIDEO)

The cultural tables have turned for sure. Johnny Rotten, lead singer of the famous punk rock band “The Sex Pistols” is a fan of President Trump. While liberal American musicians are siding with the political establishment, counter culture icons like Johnny Rotten are getting on the Trump Train.

He explained in a recent interview with Good Morning Britain.

Politico Europe reported:

Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten backs Brexit, Farage, Trump

Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten backed Brexit and called former UKIP leader Nigel Farage “fantastic” in a TV interview Monday.

“The working class have spoken and I’m one of them and I’m with them,” Rotten said on ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

He said that after Farage’s encounter with Bob Geldof before the Brexit vote — when the two led opposing flotillas along the Thames, shouting insults at each other — “I wanted to shake his hand because it was silly beyond belief.”

The “Pretty Vacant” singer was also asked about U.S. President Donald Trump and said he was a “complicated fellow” but blamed the “left-wing media” for dubbing Trump racist.

Watch the video below:

That’s pretty cool!

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