CRAZY CHRIS CUOMO Shouts At Kellyanne – Kellyanne Calmly Responds: “You Just Want To Argue With Me” (VIDEO)

Wow! CNN’s Chris Cuomo was incredibly disrespectful to Kellyanne Conway today on his show.

For three minutes, Kellyanne graciously tried to answer Cuomo’s questions.

Every time she tried to answer, Cuomo talked over her.

Cuomo then started shouting at Kellyanne!

Kellyanne politely listened. And then, Kellyanne had enough.

She said, “You just want to argue with me.”

Watch (via New Day):

From the video:

Kellyanne: “I see you’re very passionate about this, but here’s the deal. We-“

Cuomo: “Sure I am. Russia trying to hack during our election. Being ignored by the President-elect. That’s troubling.”

Kellyanne: “Right – No, it’s not. And you’re just making conclusions up now.”

Cuomo: “Really?”

Kellyanne: “Yes, you are . . . You just want to argue with me. You just want to argue with me.

The disrespect is outrageous!

CNN just let a man like Cuomo talk over a woman like Kellyanne. The first woman to successfully run a Presidential campaign. A woman who deserves everyone’s respect.

So sad!

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