Democrat Rep: I Get Furious When People Say Trump Supporters Are Racists – They’re Not (VIDEO)

This was a rare moment for a Democrat. Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan said during a recent interview that she hates it when people claim Trump supporters are racists.

Townhall reported:

Democratic Rep: I Hate It When People Say Trump Supporters Are Racist

Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) has said she feels like she’s an outsider in her own party due to her aversion to play into identity politics, while also noting the underreported empathy problem Democrats are facing…

At The Atlantic‘s Washington Ideas Forum, Dingell was asked about Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened,” in which she said she stayed up all night and read it. She then discussed the disconnect between her party and the rest of the country, namely how Democrats were high-fiving over the special counsel appointment regarding Russia. No one cares about that. Not in Dingell’s district or elsewhere. Even in deep-blue Connecticut, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy said that his constituents aren’t talking about it.

Another thing that angers Dingell is the notion that Trump voters are racist.

“I get furious when people say all Trump voters are racist, they’re not,” she said. They’re worried about jobs and the economy, which totally went over the heads of Democrats last year.

Watch the video:

Good for her!

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