Diamond And Silk Talk The Debate: Trump Called Out Hillary’s BS And Stayed on The Issues! (VIDEO)


Readers of this site will know that we love YouTube stars and Trump supporters Diamond and Silk. In their newest video, they analyze the debate and do an excellent job of breaking it down.

They note that Trump was able to address the controversy of the Trump Tapes while staying on message and addressing the issues while also calling out Hillary’s lies.

They even take calls from a few fans!

Watch it all below:

From the video:

Diamond: Our man, Donald J. Trump – He was amazing tonight!

Silk: Phenomenal!

Diamond: He was always on the offense. And I liked how he gave it to her, and then pivoted right back to the issues. 

Here’s an honest question:

How long before these two ladies have their own TV show?

They certainly deserve it!

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