Dr. Ben Carson’s Home Vandalized With Anti-Trump Slurs

This story is absolutely maddening. Dr. Ben Carson is such a good man. He spent his life saving the lives of children. He deserves so much better than this.

The Washington Examiner reported:

HUD Secretary Ben Carson’s home vandalized with anti-Trump rhetoric

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said Wednesday his Virginia home was recently vandalized with anti-Trump rhetoric.

Carson announced that his home had been damaged in a post on his Facebook page, encouraging people to “learn to be neighborly and to get to know each other” in the wake of the violence in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday.

Carson said he and his wife were out of town when their house was vandalized by people who wrote “hateful rhetoric about President Trump,” but said “other kind, embarrassed neighbors” cleaned up their house before they returned.

The HUD secretary, who ran against Trump for the Republican nomination during the 2016 presidential campaign, also detailed his experience with a neighbor after Carson and his wife, Candy, bought property in rural Maryland.

As you can probably expect, Carson handled the incident with total class. See the tweet below:

He’s a great man!

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