EATING CROW: Report Suggests Hillary Apologized To Obama For Losing On Election Night

It turns out election night was probably even more humiliating for Hillary Clinton than previously thought. Not only did she lose to Donald Trump in a stunning upset, she reportedly called Obama to apologize for losing.

The New York Post reported:

Clinton apologized to Obama on election night

Hillary Clinton had to eat humble pie twice on election night.

Clinton apologized to President Obama for her bruising loss — right after calling Donald Trump to offer him “congratulations,” according to a new book chronicling her 2016 presidential bid called “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign.”

“Mr. President, I’m sorry,” she said, according to a Washington Post review of the book due out Tuesday.

The White House urged Clinton to concede as Trump claimed battleground states — some by slim margins — because Obama wanted to avoid a messy recount.

The report goes on to suggest that it was Obama who told Hillary that she needed to concede. He gave the same message to John Podesta.

This should give you some understanding as to why the left was so wounded by the outcome of the 2016 election.

They knew that Hillary losing meant that all the things Obama had done as president could be wiped away.

The fact that Hillary apologized to Obama for losing confirms this.

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