Ex-Democrat Congressman FIRED From Morgan Stanley Over Sex Harassment Claims

Former Democrat Congressman Harold Ford Jr. has been fired from Morgan Stanley over sexual harassment claims. On a side note, what was a Democrat doing working for Morgan Stanley? Isn’t that evil by Democratic standards?

The New York Post reports:

Ex-lawmaker fired by Morgan Stanley over sexual misconduct claims

Former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. has been fired from Morgan Stanley over allegations of misconduct — including claims he manhandled a woman, then pestered her for dates, according to a new report.

“He has been terminated for conduct inconsistent with our values and in violation of our policies,” a spokeswoman for the company told HuffPost.

At least one woman participated in the company’s HR probe into the ex-Tennessee Democrat, saying that he forcefully grabbed her during a professional meeting in Manhattan one night several years ago — then repeatedly asked her out, the site reports.

The unnamed woman — who doesn’t work at Morgan Stanley but had professional interactions with Ford — said she was forced to seek help from a building security guard.

She was left “distraught, shocked and frightened” by the incident, an acquaintance said.

Afterward, she says, Ford repeatedly asked her out for drinks — until she told her to leave him alone, citing his scary alleged assault.

Another one bites the dust.


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