FINALLY: A Hollywood Actor Who Assumes No One Cares What He Thinks About Politics

It has become routine. I the months preceding every election in the United States, every single liberal in Hollywood becomes an expert in politics and just assumes that the American people need their guidance on how to vote.

Actor Josh Duhamel is apparently the exception to that rule.

Truth Revolt reports:

Actor Josh Duhamel Gets It: ‘No One Cares What I Think’

Serving up a serious helping of common sense, actor Josh Duhamel of Transformers said that Hollywood actors need to shut up and stop telling people what to think, because guess what? People. Do. Not. Care.

“I don’t necessarily think it’s important to tell people how to vote,” he said during an interview with Fox News. “That’s one thing I don’t do. I don’t like to get involved politically at all. Nobody cares what I think politically.”

“Anybody in entertainment who thinks people care what they think politically are really misinformed. That’s one thing I stay away from. I stay away from politics because nobody cares what I think.”

His sentiment echoes that of his Transformers co-star Mark Wahlberg, who also said last year that “out of touch” celebrities need to stop lecturing people.

Good for him!

Here’s a nice recent picture from his Twitter feed:


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