Flashback: CBS NEWS PRAISES TRUMP For Saving Central Park Rink For Kids (VIDEO)


Wow! What a report from CBS News in 1986!

In 1986, the Central Park ice rink was a debacle. The project was a mess. It was over budget. It used technology that failed.

That’s when Donald Trump came in. He said he’d take on the project for no profit. He’d do the ice rink for the city “to prove a point.”

In the report below, Trump says:

“I really wanted to prove a point. The cities – New York City in particular – are so wealthy. If we could only save the money that we’re wasting.

Trump proved his point. He did the project on budget. And quickly.


As Dan Rather said, it was “the kind of happy ending only children are supposed to believe in.”

Of course, this was before Donald Trump ran for President. Now CBS News and the rest of the Liberal media hate Trump. They would never tell the truth about Trump. The media would never do a piece like this today. 

Trump is a man who does what he says. He’s a man who does projects under budget. And does them well.

That’s what we need for America!!

H/T Ricky Vaughn

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