Fox Reporter: Seeing Trump Rally Crowds, “HOW COULD HE POSSIBLY BE BEHIND?” (VIDEO)

We’re all wondering the same thing: What’s wrong with the polls?

Fox reporter John Roberts was with Trump in Florida yesterday. He reported on the enormous crowds welcoming Trump to St. Augustine and Tampa. For video and pictures of the crowds in St. Augustine, click here.

In Tampa, there were 20,000 supporters out for Trump.

All this prompted John Roberts to say, “By looking at the crowd that you see out there, you have to wonder: How could he possibly be behind?”

Watch (via Fox and Friends):

Contrast those images with this one of Tim Kaine in Florida at the same time. A minuscule crowd:

They couldn’t even use the main stage for Kaine – The crowd would have looked even smaller!

We’re supposed to believe the polls that the race is tied? 

Rush Limbaugh says no. 

We say no, too!

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