Hollywood GUN GRABBERS Exploit Attempted Assassination of GOP Congressmen


Following the attempted mass-assassination of GOP Congressmen while they practiced for a charity baseball game, Hollywood has jumped at the chance to push for gun control.

Sure, they all have armed bodyguards to protect them, but they don’t want normal Americans armed in order to protect ourselves.

Breitbart reports:

Following the news of Wednesday morning’s attack on Republican House and Senate baseball players and volunteers, Hollywood celebrities began tweeting that they hope the incident will finally motivate Congress to pass more intensive gun control measures.

Actress and staunch anti-gun advocate Julianne Moore expressed sadness that the shooting had occurred, but made clear she hoped it would lead Congress to “act” on gun control.

The Wrap noted that Moore also retweeted comments from The Atlantic editor David Frum, wherein Frum responded to the shooting by criticizing the lack of gun control in Virginia.

Meanwhile, actor Denis O’Hare tweeted a plea for more gun control shortly after news of the shooting broke:

. . . . #SMH. Over a 100 yrs of bipartisan tradition stained now by senseless act-Prayers to 4 victims-Will USA ever take #EndGunViolence seriously? https://t.co/Q7Yzd7vP4q

. . . .  Actress Mia Farrow also quickly focused on guns in the immediate aftermath of the attack:

They’d rather deprive us of our Second Amendment rights than confront their own role in the divisive and violent anti-Trump mania they foment.

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