GOOD FOR HIM! Trump Is Keeping His Promise Not To Take A Salary As President

Trump said repeatedly on the campaign trail that he wouldn’t take a presidential salary and he meant it. It’s one of the things the left just doesn’t understand about Trump. He’s doing this because he wants to help the country, not himself.

Heat Street reports:

EXCLUSIVE: Donald Trump Honors Pledge to Forgo $400,000 Yearly Presidential Salary

Donald Trump has honored his pledge not to take a $400,000 a year salary while he’s President, a promise he made and repeated during the campaign, Heat Street has learned.

A White House spokesperson confirmed that as of today, President Trump “has not collected a salary” to which he’s entitled for his duties. “This process is ongoing,” the White House added.

It hasn’t yet been revealed what steps the administration took to ensure the President won’t be receiving any of the pay outlined by Title 3 of the U.S Code…

By not taking the salary, Trump has become the third President to decline the compensation for Presidential duties. Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy donated their salaries to charity.

You would think the left would at least give Trump some credit for this decision but no.

It doesn’t seem to matter to them what he does.

That will change when things start getting better. The left will keep complaining but they’ll look more and more foolish.

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