GOOD FOR THEM: Senate Republicans To Shift Investigation Focus To Loretta Lynch

If we’re going to continue to have endless congressional investigations, it’s about time someone looked into Loretta Lynch and the suspicious meeting she had on a plane with Bill Clinton, among other things.

Senate Republicans are finally getting around to this.

The Hill reports:

Senate GOP shifts focus to Lynch

Senate Republicans are clamoring to hear from Loretta Lynch after former FBI Director James Comey raised concerns about her involvement in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee are seizing on Comey’s testimony earlier this month that he was concerned over the former attorney general telling the FBI to refer to the Clinton investigation as a “matter,” which resembled the Clinton campaign line.

The move could allow Republicans to attempt to pivot away from the investigation into Russia’s election meddling — which top GOP lawmakers have signaled belongs to the Intelligence Committee — and focus on Lynch, who has long been a target of Republicans.

Sen. John Cornyn (Texas), the No. 2 Senate Republican who is a member of both the Intelligence and Judiciary committees, said it “would be very helpful” for Lynch to testify before the Judiciary panel, which oversees the Justice Department.

Of course, this will be the one investigation which Democrats will claim is unnecessary.

Just watch.

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