Unhinged Leftists Angry About DeVos VOW NOT TO REPRODUCE (TWEETS)

People on the Left are going positively bonkers over the confirmation of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education.

After DeVos was confirmed by the Senate with Mike Pence’s tie-breaking vote, Leftists are looking at all their options.

Will they fight back by running for local school boards? Will they get more involved in Congressional races? Will they put their arguments against DeVos to the public in order to convince the rest of America that they’re right?


They’re going to fight back a different way: They’re not going to have children.

Conservative Review reports:

This actually happened: Unhinged DeVos haters vow to never have children after education secretary vote

Shortly after Betsy DeVos was confirmed as Education Secretary on Tuesday, the liberal freak-out began.

Check out these tweets:

Maybe these people not having children is a good thing . . .

The left has gone truly insane.

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