GOODBYE: Conservative Viewers Flee ESPN As Network Moves Left

Conservative and Republican leaning sports fans are turning off ESPN as the network continues to wander in the direction of social justice and other liberal niceties.

As news companies feel the pain of the changing media landscape, ESPN has been one of the companies hurt the most.

Recently, it has parted ways with 100 on air personalities and in the past 5 years lost almost 12 million subscribers.

Breitbart reported:

A recent poll of a single Midwestern TV market seemed to prove that the cable sports network ESPN has lost viewers because of its liberal political slant. Now, a follow-up survey has revealed the same results in up to 43 other major TV markets.

For several years, conservatives, including Breitbart Sports, have said that ESPN’s left-wing bias has driven away millions of viewers. Many TV analysts have said there is no real proof of the claim despite the anecdotal evidence of fans on social media complaining that ESPN won’t “stick to sports.”

Disney, which owns ESPN, has also seen a decline in share prices which many financial analyst attributing the losses to the decline in viewership at ESPN. However, even with all the data suggesting viewers want ESPN to “stick to sports” the pioneers of sports television seems unlikely to change course.

Could it be because Disney’s CEO harbors presidential ambitions?

Here’s CNN asking him:

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