Guess Who Is Skipping Billy Graham’s Funeral?

The funeral for Reverend Billy Graham will happen Friday and numerous former heads of state will be there. Graham advised leaders around the world for much of his life. One particular leader from America won’t be at the services. Can you guess who?

PJ Media reports:

Barack Obama to Skip Billy Graham Funeral

There are few names as associated with modern Christianity as Reverend Billy Graham. For decades, the pastor has served as an advisor to presidents regardless of party. He was a living embodiment of how people should act toward those who may disagree with them.

As the day of the funeral fast approaches, past presidents and other dignitaries are paying their respects: former President George W. Bush did on Monday, and former President Bill Clinton did the same on Tuesday. President Donald Trump will be attending Graham’s funeral on Friday.

Yet former President Barack Obama will be skipping it, according to the Associated Press: “Former President Barack Obama is not planning to attend memorial services for the late evangelist Rev. Billy Graham this week.”

Obama did tweet that Graham was “a humble servant who prayed for so many,” but the former president is still opting to skip the services.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. Obama talked a big game about his faith when he was president but his actions don’t really back that up.


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