HA! Professor Mocks Students With ‘Trigger Warning’ Before Being Told To Study

trigger warning

The special snowflakes over at Auburn University apparently are getting triggered by the words ‘You will have to study for this class.’

A professor mocked the college student hysteria by issuing a trigger warning to pupils.

Heat Street reports:

When Auburn University students picked up their fall syllabus for a Fundamentals of Engineering class, the first thing they saw was a bright red trigger warning, cautioning them that the class would include not only tough math concepts but also “work, energy, stress, quiz, grade.”

Don’t worry. It was pure satire.

“It was just a lark,” says Peter Schwartz, the professor who has put the mock trigger warning at the top of his syllabus for the past two semesters. “I didn’t have anything better to do that day. I see all this stuff with trigger warnings, and I just said, ‘Gee, what would one look like if I did one for this class?’… I don’t believe in them. I think they’re a joke.”

We need more professors like this!

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