HA! Trump Tells Michigan Audience He Offered To Buy Hillary’s Fireworks On Election Night (VIDEO)


You may remember that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was so confident in her win that they were planning a fireworks display on election night. Obviously, they didn’t get used.

In Michigan this weekend, Trump told the audience that he offered to buy the fireworks for 5 cents on the dollar but no one at the Hillary campaign got back to him. LOL!

The American Mirror reported:

BOOM: Trump offered to buy Hillary’s election night fireworks!

“So when I heard they spent $7 million on the fireworks, and I didn’t know if we were going to win or lose, but I was feeling really good, but we sent them over just a nice verbal statement,” Trump told the Michigan audience during the latest stop on his “Thank You Tour.”

“We will offer you five cents on the dollar for the fireworks, right?” he said, repeating what he says his campaign told Clinton aides.

“They never responded.”

Watch the video:

That is hilarious.

The overconfidence of the Democrats was part of the reason they lost. It’s also why they’re still freaking out a full month after election day.

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