HARSH TRUTH: Acting ICE Director Explains Why It’s Not OK To Be In The U.S. Illegally (VIDEO)

The acting director of ICE Thomas Homan delivered some remarks to the press today about why illegal immigration is not only a matter of law but also of national security.

This guy is a professional who understands his job. Watch:

Here’s some background from the FOX News Insider:

‘We’ve Got to Enforce the Law’: ICE Director Lays Out Hard Line on Illegal Immigration

“Criminal aliens are a threat not only to the public safety but to national security,” Homan responded.

“We’ve got to enforce the laws,” he said.

Homan said that sanctuary cities are essentially advertisements for illegal immigrant smugglers to concentrate delivery of their human cargo.

He said that by allowing sanctuary cities to exist, and to fail to properly enforce the border crossing laws, “we are bankrolling these criminal organizations.”

Homan also said the same passages and crossings used to smuggle Central Americans into the country are used to traffic drugs and weapons.

Liberals think allowing illegal immigration is humanitarian but it’s actually the exact opposite. By not enforcing the law, people’s lives are put at risk, including the illegal immigrants themselves. We need to enforce our laws and encourage legal immigration.

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