Here’s Why A Former Democrat Governor Thinks Hillary Lost The Rust Belt (VIDEO)

The rust belt was the key to Trump’s victory in the 2016 election. Democrats are still stunned that they lost Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

In a recent appearance on CNN, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm was asked by Van Jones why Democrats lost these states.

Granholm responded:

“I won in the rust belt and honestly, Democrats took working people for granted, I think. I mean Hillary Clinton had all these great policies, believe me, I knew they were fantastic. But there were so many of them. It was… you couldn’t… If I asked you, you know – name one, you might not be able to. Whereas Donald Trump – we’ll build the wall, we’ll renegotiate NAFTA, you know, trade etc. That trade issue was THE ISSUE.”

“When I ran for governor, I was like NAFTA and CAFTA have given us the shaft-a! And everybody knows that that’s true because everyone has seen it in every community across Michigan!”

Watch the video:

She makes an excellent point at the beginning about Democrats ignoring working people.

All that stuff she says about Hillary having great policies?

Not true! The people wanted change.

The people wanted to put America First!

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