Hillary Memoir Says Huma Broke Down Sobbing Over Weiner Sexts And FBI Probe

Anthony Weiner’s underage sexting scandal was a disaster for Hillary’s campaign. Her most trusted aide, Huma Abedin was is married to Weiner and that tied the scandal directly to Hillary.

Huma apparently took it very hard.

The Daily Mail reports:

‘He is going to be the death of me’: Huma Abedin broke down sobbing in front of Hillary Clinton after Anthony Weiner’s underage sexts led to FBI probe of emails days before election

Hillary Clinton is taking aim at Anthony Weiner in her new memoir, detailing how the disgraced politician’s relationship with a minor female derailed her campaign and left his estranged wife emotionally shattered after a search of his computer led to a new investigation into her private email server.

In a section of ‘What Happened’ that was obtained by Radar Online, Clinton reportedly reveals that Huma Abedin sobbed on her shoulder after learning that the FBI would be launching a new probe into the presidential hopeful’s emails less than two weeks before the election.

‘This man is going to be the death of me!’ a ‘stricken’ Abedin said to Clinton before ‘bursting into tears’ in front of her boss.

‘Anthony had already caused so much heartache, and now this,’ writes Clinton, who was cleared by the FBI two days before the election.

She goes on to reveal that she never once blamed Abedin for the incident, saying: ‘She had done nothing wrong and was an invaluable member of my team. I stuck by her the same way she has always stuck by me.’

Can you even imagine if this train wreck of a campaign had made its way into the White House?

Thank goodness, Trump won.

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