HOW HE WON: Trump Got More Of The Black And Hispanic Vote Than Mitt Romney Did in 2012


Despite the media and Democrats insisting daily that Trump is a racist bigot, he won more of the black and Hispanic vote than Mitt Romney got in 2012.

It’s not the only reason Trump won, but it certainly helped.

NBC News reported:

Trump Did Better With Blacks, Hispanics Than Romney in ’12: Exit Polls

Donald Trump performed stronger among black and Hispanic voters than Mitt Romney did as the Republican nominee in 2012, according to NBC Exit Polls.

Tuesday’s exit poll results have not yet been finalized but so far they show Trump outmatching Romney by two points in each voting bloc.

Trump claimed 29 percent of the Hispanic vote on Tuesday compared to Romney’s 27 percent in 2012. With blacks, exit polls show Trump claimed 8 percent of the vote to the previous Republican nominee’s 6 percent.

Trump has changed American politics in more ways than one.

This truly was a historic election.

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