In Newest Delusion, Hillary Clinton Claims Media Is Unfair To Democrats (AUDIO)

During the 2016 election, nearly the entire media was rooting for her and against Trump. For her to say that Democrats face media bias is not only untrue, but makes her seem mentally unbalanced.

Yet that’s just what she did.

The Daily Wire reports:

LOL: Hillary Thinks The Media Environment Is ‘Very Difficult’ For The Democrats

Hillary Clinton continues to make a mockery of herself in her efforts to regain the spotlight; she’s now claiming the media environment is skewed against the Democrats.

Clinton was on the Pod Save America podcast on Tuesday as part of her “Blame Everyone But Me For Election Loss” tour and launched straight into a tirade scapegoating the media for her loss.

“The other side has dedicated propaganda channels,” said Clinton. “That’s what I call Fox News. It has outlets like Breitbart and crazy Infowars and things like that.”…

Clinton then gave some laugh-inducing analysis about how tough it’s going to be for the Democrats and the media.

“I think the Democrats can do a lot, but they are still going to face a very difficult media environment,” said Clinton, “and we’ve got to figure out how we’re going to break through.”

Listen to the audio below:

The media is like a public relations firm for Democrats. How does she think anyone is going to take her seriously on this?

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