Issa Drops TRUTH ABOUT ILLEGAL VOTING On CNN’s Cuomo: ‘Chris, If You Let Me Answer . . .’ (VIDEO)

Go, Congressman Issa!

Darrell Issa took on CNN today over illegal voting.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said it only happened in a “handful” of cases. He said illegal voting wasn’t a problem.

When Issa tried to respond, Cuomo interrupted several times. Which made Issa say, “Chris, if you let me answer . . . ” 


And then, Issa dropped the truth about illegal voting on Cuomo’s head.

From the video:

Issa: “Chris, if you let me answer . . . “

Cuomo: “Please, go ahead, Congressman.”

Issa: “The fact is that we need to get a system that the American people believe in . . . We need to bring an absolute form of confidence, and states have been trying to do that. This President has been fighting. President Obama has been fighting against the kinds of things that would build confidence back into our voting system . . . We need to modernize the system. We need to make it accurate and believed by the American people. And that’s all Donald Trump is getting America thinking about.”

But there’s another thing Trump has done: He made it so that even CNN is debating the number of illegal voters. Not that there is illegal voting.

As Scott Adams noted:

Trump wins again!

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