IT’S ALWAYS ALL ABOUT HIM: Obama Campaigns For Hillary by Talking About HIMSELF


From the moment Obama emerged on America’s political scene, it has always been all about him. He loves to hear himself talk and he’s in love with the image of him that’s been created by his adoring supporters. So why should this election be any different?

Polizette reports:

Obama Campaigns for Obama

President Obama visited Durham, New Hampshire, on Monday to campaign for President Obama. Well, actually he went there to campaign for Hillary Clinton — but you’d hardly know it based on the vast amount of time he spent lauding his own accomplishments.

Obama didn’t really have anything good to say about Clinton other than the fact that she will protect his legacy. He told the crowd to vote for Clinton not because of what progress she can achieve, but to vote for her “if you want to protect the progress we’ve made.”

“We can choose the politics of blame and divisiveness and resentment,” Obama said — conveniently ignoring the fact that he has spent eight years fanning racial division and resentment and blaming Republicans whenever possible. “Or you can choose … whether we continue the journey of progress,” he said.

But Obama’s “progress” is nothing more than a gilded lump of coal. Obama extolled the fact that “wages are up and poverty is down,” despite the fact that the gap between rich and poor is at its widest in decades. He praised the fact that “20 million [people] have health insurance that didn’t have it before,” neglecting to mention that most of those people are insured through Medicaid expansion while millions more are facing rising premium costs and fewer health care options.

Obama doesn’t even like Hillary.

He’s only campaigning for her to protect his legacy.

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