Bill O’Reilly Is Done With Anti-Trumpers At The View, Will NEVER GO THERE AGAIN (VIDEO)


Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly announced on his program that he never intends to go on The View again This is based on comments by one of the show’s hosts questioning Donald Trump’s mental stability.

As reported by Western Journalism:

Joy Behar said on the program that Trump is “not right in the head.  Donald Trump has never appeared stable to me when he has come on the show.”

“Enough,” O’Reilly said on “The O’Reilly Factor” after showing a clip of Behar. “These aren’t some clowns running around the entertainment division,” he said. “That’s ABC News. That’s a disgrace.”

O’Reilly said he has no objection to them hammering Trump since they are liberals anyway. “But to say he is not right in the head, that’s disrespectful not only to the president-elect but to the whole process.”

Watch the video:

When asked if he would ever do another appearance on the View, O’Reilly said, “Never.”

Good for him!

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