Obama’s Final Christmas Address: Once Again, IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM (VIDEO)

Barack Obama used his final Christmas address to the nation to do what he does best: give himself props on a job well done.

It should be a message to Christians.

But, Obama made it all about his “accomplishments.”


From the video (via Weasel Zippers):

“Together, we fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years, and got unemployment to a nine-year low. We secured health insurance for another twenty million Americans, and new protections for folks who already had insurance. We made America more respected around the world, took on the mantle of leadership in the fight to protect this planet for our kids, and much, much more.”

Of course, it’s all about him. It’s all about what Obama did.

And it’s delusional. “We made America more respected around the world”??

Don’t think so.

Once again, Obama takes the opportunity to make a lot of Americans furious.

Obama has definitely left behind a HUGE legacy, but it’s not really anything for which he can be proud.

The good part: It’s Obama’s FINAL Christmas Address.

Can someone please hit the fast forward button to January 20th!

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